Mount Brewing Company

For anyone who's living or visiting the Mount and is looking to grab a few drinks and eat some good food, the Mount Brewing Co. is the place to go. I loved my experience at this bar and restaurant and would recommend to anyone who wants to enjoy some causal drinks and a meal with friends.

Look at the venue from the outside it's tidy and clean and has a great rustic vibe to it. When we walked in the atmosphere was really welcoming and the staff were all really friendly. We were greeted by a staff member who was really lovely and when we were seated she recommended a cider which I really enjoyed. We saw people of all ages dining at the restaurant and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. We had decided to stop by and enjoy some drinks and food on a sunny public holiday so I really appreciated how the windows opened up to the street keeping us cool. This was actually one of my favourite features in the bar.

We were served our order of drinks first then we ordered some burgers and a chicken salad. I can happily say that the food was great value for money. We were all really happy with the food that was put in front of us and were grateful for the friendly staff who looked after us really well while we were there. We were served by three different waitresses during our meal, however they were all great.

There's nothing worse than ordering a chicken salad that under delivers on the chicken, but the salad was very generous with lots of ingredients and a delicious salad dressing. Our burgers were also really tasty, with big hearty patties. They were served on wooden boards that worked in well with the rustic theme. I was really impressed with how quick we received our meals considering how busy the restaurant was on the public holiday.

The atmosphere made it a great place to be and I really enjoyed myself. The Mount Brewing Co. is the ideal place if you want to enjoy a casual drink and meal while catching up with friends and family or watching a live game. Next time you're at the Mount be sure to stop by and enjoy some burgers and drinks.