White & Wong's

My first experience with White + Wongs in Auckland's viaduct was a phone call in the morning to change a reservation a friend had made. I wasn't really expecting someone to answer but thought I would try my luck. Someone did answer the phone, were really helpful and made a new reservation for me. Immediately I was impressed with their service.

When we arrived at the restaurant we were impressed with the entrance itself. It was really intriguing and the awesome sign out front created a bit of mystery for what the rest of the restaurant had to offer. The duty manager was manning the door and welcomed us to the restaurant. I've never encountered someone at the door of a restaurant so it was cool to experience such good service before we had even sat down to eat.

The restaurant was busy when we arrived but the staff seemed to be working the floor really well. They were clearing tables quickly, waiting on all the tables seamlessly and all looked cheerful. Everyone eating seemed to be really enjoying themselves so I was really looking forward to our evening ahead. Where we were seated you could see the harbour and the view was fantastic. Such an ideal location for a restaurant and they've definitely utilised the space well.

Our waitress looked after us really well and took the time to explain the menu to us and what we should expect from our dining experience. We had a few questions as we were new to shared dining but she was happy to answer all of our questions. We ordered a range of dishes including some chicken dishes, seafood dishes, and vegetable dishes. Our food looked delicious when it came out of the kitchen. All of the ingredients looked fresh and the presentation was exceptional. I've never see a plate of food presented so well before. It is easy to tell that the chief and kitchen staff takes pride in what they're serving up.

Hands down the food they served at White + Wongs was the tastiest food I've ever eaten. It was fresh and took a cool modern take on Asian food. The sharing element meant we all got to try lots of different dishes and the staggered delivery of food worked perfectly because we were always eating. We got to enjoy excellent food and excellent service.

Overall I can say that my dining experience at White + Wongs was the best dining experience I have had in a very long time, maybe one of the best. The staff and food and restaurant atmosphere were almost faultless.Auckland has an awesome selection of restaurants to choose to dine at, but if you're looking for somewhere new to visit, I recommend White + Wongs. The views from the deck are insane, the food is delicious and the service is among the best I've experienced.

The Incognito Blogger