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We launched the "Best of the Best" in response to a growing trend of observing negative business reviews through social media. As a business that assist other businesses to achieve continuous improvement we acknowledge that constructive criticism is helpful, but there is no place for unjustified and destructive commentary.

Incognito wants to celebrate the success of our customers and the Incognito Blogger has developed the "Best of the Best" as the appropriate forum. The feedback to date has been very encouraging and we know that we have lots of support for this new initiative.

Everyone is asking, what criteria is used to award the "Best of the Best" and how can businesses feature in the Incognito Blog.

Incognito's Mystery Shopper Program assesses its Client's businesses according to the presentation of the brand; the quality of the products and/or services; and the quality of the customer service. A business must score an average of >95% in their Mystery Shopper Survey to qualify for the "Best of Best".

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