About us

Brand Promise

Customer insights that will shape the way you do business.

Incognito is committed to providing clients with independent and unbiased opinions, based on genuine first hand observations. Our experiences are supported by insightful comments and a rating scale that provides quantitative data for trend analysis and benchmarking.

Our surveyors, mystery shoppers and focus groups are comprised of people from within your local market, and genuine consumers of your products and services. Who better to provide you with an honest account of your business?
Our experience will provide you with valuable information and insights to improve all aspects of your business, and help to present your products and services to the highest possible standard. Our feedback is based on genuine observation, not general assumptions and it is solution focused to provide a basis for improvement. Our insights are constructively critical, but never judgemental. Incognito will work with you to make a positive difference!

Our business is based on:

  • Confidentiality
- Our findings are yours and yours alone
  • Accuracy
- Genuine observations and factual information never assumptions 
  • Discretion
- Experienced people with great judgment and integrity 
  • Solution Focused
- Opinions that are insightful and forward thinking

So what makes Incognito so great?

Simply put, it's our people. We understand the essence of customer service; it’s the human interaction that counts.

Our team understands what defines great service in a variety of situations and environments. They will articulate what they have seen and experienced in a written report. They will provide constructive criticism and comments, without being judgmental. Most importantly, they are genuine consumers and provide honest feedback.