Incognito clients enjoy a competitive advantage because they have a greater understanding of their market’s expectations of their products and services. Incognito provides “Customer insights that will shape the way you do business”. You will see service from your customer’s perspective and you will be in a position to make changes that result in greater profits for your business. Incognito has a wealth of experience in identifying and measuring many forms of customer service expectations from a consumer’s perspective.

How well do you know your customers and what things are the most important to them? How does this compare with what you are offering them at present?   Incognito will help you identify your customer’s expectations and provide tools to capture and measure these results against a quantitative ratings system, and supported with constructive written feedback and suggestions

Reviewing your reports

We know that running a successful business can be extremely busy, so you need to minimise the time reading reports and focus your efforts on improving the business. We suggest that you start with your bottom line result. If in your opinion this is within an acceptable level, quickly scan the categories to confirm that there are no hidden issues. If it looks OK, you can safely read the report later.

If the bottom line result is not within an acceptable level, review the categories to identify the key issues and then read the detail within these sections. The sooner you focus on the corrective actions, the sooner you can start retaining customers.