Survey Example

Comments and Rating scale

Incognito is committed to providing clients with independent and unbiased opinions, based on genuine first hand observations.

Our experiences are supported by insightful comments and a rating scale that provides quantitative data for trend analysis and benchmarking.

Demographic snapshot

Incognito surveyor visits provide a snapshot of customer’s experience with varying demographics. This enables our Clients to compare their customer base against their target market.

Reviewing your reports

We know that running a successful business can be extremely busy, so you need to minimise the time reading reports and focus your efforts on improving the business. We suggest that you start with your bottom line result. If in your opinion this is within an acceptable level, quickly scan the categories to confirm that there are no hidden issues. If it looks OK, you can review the full report at a later date. If the bottom line result is not within an acceptable level, review the categories to identify the key issues and then read the detail within these sections. The sooner you focus on the corrective actions, the sooner you can start retaining customers.

Understand the Trend Analysis

The benefits that Incognito customers have is regular feedback on the performance of their business that allows them to be able to step back from any one survey result in isolation and analysis the performance of the business from a YTD and then MTD basis through trend analysis.

Incognito provides Clients with monthly performance trend data by category and total overall result. We also benchmark client’s performance against market data for the client’s market segment and total industry.

Recognition and reward.

Staff recognition and reward plays a every growing and important role in ensuring that staff are doing what is expected from them and to recognise and reward behaviours that exceed those expectations.